Check IBAN


In an open finance and data monetization scenario, CBI has developed various value-added services (VAS) to enhance the competitiveness of its customers and enable payment service providers, banks, Fintech companies as well as players belonging to other industries to provide innovative services via API through CBI Globe.

Check IBAN

Among these services, it is worthy to mention the so-called Check IBAN, whose realization was urgently demanded by the Italian government in April 2020 to support the Publica Administration in the delivery of fiscal bonuses to face the economic downturn provoked by the spread of the COVID-19.


Thanks to the Check IBAN service, through PagoPA, which is directly connected to CBI Globe via API, the Public Administration and public authorities are enabled to check online the validity of the association between the IBAN code and the fiscal code or VAT number provided by an applicant (citizen or company) in order to get a fiscal bonus. Therefore, applicants are allowed to obtain the bonus whether the real-time check confirms the correctness of the association between the aforementioned data.


Besides PagoPA S.p.A, CBI is currently working to offer this service to other corporate companies, with the aim to increase the security for companies and users.


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