5.1.1 "readAccountList" interface

Reads a list of ASPSP accounts, with balances where required. It is assumed that a consent of the Payment Service User to this access is already given and stored on the Account Servicing Payment Service Provider system. The addressed list of accounts depends then on the Payment Service User identifier and the stored consent addressed by the consent identifier.

Input parameters

Attribute Description
tpp-signature-certificate This is a X509 certificate that the TPP uses for signing the request, in base64 encoding.

This certificate is in PEM format without the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----". Must be contained if a signature is contained, see above.

signature A signature of the request by the TPP on application level. This might be mandated by ASPSP.
digest Is contained if and only if the “Signature” element is contained in the header of the request.

The “digest” Header contains a Hash of the message body. The only hash algorithms that may be used to calculate the digest within the context of this specification are SHA-256 and SHA-512.

consent-id The identifier of the consent resource authorizing the operation to perform.
with_balance If contained, this function reads the list of accessible payment accounts including the booking balance. This call will be rejected if the parameter is used in a case, where the access right on balances is not granted in the related consent or if the ASPSP does not support the with_balance parameter.

Output parameters

Attribute Description
Result Code Result of the read account list.
Error Management Object identifying the error.
accounts Array of account detail objects. At least a parameter is required.