5.1.9 "getConsent" interface


Returns the content of an account information consent object.

Input parameters

Attribute Description
consent-id The consent identification assigned to the created resource.
tpp-signature-certificate This is a X509 certificate that the TPP uses for signing the request, in base64 encoding.

This certificate is in PEM format without the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----". Must be contained if a signature is contained, see above.

signature A signature of the request by the TPP on application level. This might be mandated by ASPSP.
digest Is contained if and only if the “Signature” element is contained in the header of the

request. The “digest” Header contains a Hash of the message body. The only hash algorithms that may be used to calculate the digest within the context of this specification are SHA-256 and SHA-512.

Output parameters

Attribute Description
Result Code Result of the get consent.
Error Management Description of the type of error obtained in the event that the outcome is negative.
access Requested access services.
recurringIndicator Indicates if the consent is for recurring access to the account data or if the consent is for one access to the account data.
validUntil This parameter is requesting a valid until date for the requested consent.
frequencyPerDay This field indicates the requested maximum frequency for an access per day.
consentStatus Possible output values:

- received
- rejected
- valid
- revokedByPsu
- expired
- terminatedByTpp
- replaced
- invalidated
- pendingExpired

scaStatus Status information of the SCA in Decoupled or Redirect SCA Approach.