About us

CBI S.c.p.a.

is undertaking additional projects in support of the banking industry within the new legal framework of the PSD2, also using new API-based technological paradigms, with particular reference to:




For over 20 years, CBI has been serving the entire Italian financial industry in the evolutionary frontier of the payments market, guaranteeing a prompt reply to specific service requests from our customers, also at an international level.


With the digital transformation, the financial market is at the center of a true "Copernican revolution", whose main drivers are technological and regulatory innovation and the entry of technology start-ups, fintech, big-tech and social media.


In this context, which has always been characterized by a new innovative impulse, our transformation into CBI S.c.p.a. allows us to further expand our strategic vision and to continue even more in our path alongside our customers, to respond more effectively to the new challenges of the transactional market and to create value for our customers, offering tailor-made and online services and solutions with the most advanced security and innovation standards.


Thanks to our know-how and our experience, we help our customers to reinvent their role by anticipating and transforming risks into opportunities to remain competitive in the domestic and international market and to achieve lasting improvements in their performance.


The presence of CBI in the main international standardization working groups guarantees a time to market answer of the services offered, in coherence with the evolutionary dynamics of the market, as well as the full interoperability and reachability of all the financial ecosystem players.


Together with our customers we support companies, citizens and Public Administration in renewing the processes to operate successfully in the digital economy.






  • We support over 400 Payment Service Providers, as members and customers


  • About 3 million companies in Italy use CBI standards


  • 7 Central Public Administrations have simplified access to the Italian financial industry thanks to our technical infrastructure


  • More than 8,5 million citizens have already used the CBILL service to pay online about 75 million bills and pagoPA payment notices


  • Over 80% of the Italian banking industry joins our collaborative Open Finance platform called CBI Globe, and over 170 Payment Service Providers in the role of AISP / PISP / CISP have already processed 130 million API calls on the platform 


  • CBI's Open Finance ecosystem reaches 100% of domestic current accounts and the leading international platforms.


  • Over 7 million IBAN checks have been carried out through the IBAN Check Service, which allows you to reach 80% of the Italian financial industry




To all our customers we offer a flexible, secure and modular collaborative infrastructure, which allows us to develop multiple services constantly renewed based on the most modern technologies, including:


  • the CBI Service, which for over twenty years has enabled companies to manage their corporate treasury, with advanced collection, payment, information and e-invoice functions in full compliance with regulatory obligations both in the Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business relationship


  • the CBILL Service for the digitization of payments and in the multi-channel and multi-bank collection of utility bills, insurance, as well as pagoPA payment notices, such as taxes and duties, car tax and much more


  • the CBI Access Point Services for a modern and centralized management of the collection and payment requirements of the central Public Administration and for a better management of public spending, such as, for example, the service for the financial monitoring of large public works, the certification of credits of the PA and many more


  • in the area of Open Finance and Data Monetization, CBI has developed several Value-Added-Services (VAS) to improve the competitiveness of its customers, Among these functionalities the Check IBAN Service makes it possible to ensure that the IBAN code is correctly associated with a Tax ID/VAT number (natural person or legal entity)


We are also able to develop further specific service requests, proposing disruptive solutions, and combining skills, trends and latest-generation technologies.


1Data updated to October 2021