Name Check



The Name Check CBI Service allows to verify real-time the correct association between the IBAN Code and the name of the beneficiary.

The verification performed by Name Check provides customers (both for individuals and businesses) with greater assurance that payments are sent to the intended recipient, avoiding accidental and misdirected payments as well as providing an additional layer of protection in frauds and scams.

The Name Check CBI Service provides one of the following three answers:

  1. Exact match: if the correct account name was used, you receive confirmation that the details match and you can proceed with the payment.
  2. Partial match: if you used a name similar to the account holder's name, you will be provided with the actual name of the account holder to check; in that case, a suggestion with the actual name associated with the IBAN code can also be provided.
  3. No match: if the name reported does not correlate with the IBAN code entered and/or if the IBAN code entered cannot be verified for additional reasons.


  • reduce the risk of fraudulent behavior and/or misdirection of payments-even instantaneous payments-thanks to real-time verification of the correct association between code a credit IBAN and the name of the beneficiary associated with that IBAN.
  • perform immediate verifications with clear outcomes (Exact match, partial match, no match).
  • make payments, including instant payments, of any amount more secure, through an extremely simple and intuitive user experience.


Enhances security in
financial transactions
IBAN code
Verifies the correct association
between the payee of a payment
and its IBAN code
Ffraudulent payments
Helps prevent fraudulent
or mistaken payments
Stability and efficiency
Increases stability and efficiency
of the financial sector
Innovative products and services
Enables the development
of innovative products and services

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