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About us


is undertaking additional projects in support of the banking industry within the new legal framework of the PSD2, also using new API-based technological paradigms, with particular reference to:



Consorzio CBI was created in 2008 – under the aegis of ABI (Italian Banking Association) – as a pre-competitive innovation “think tank” for Italian banks in the cross-border services market. For over 20 years, also thanks to collaborative infrastructure governance, Consorzio CBI has been guaranteeing the implementation of numerous projects/services offered under competition by each bank to their customers:


  • CBI Service – Interbank Corporate Banking  traditionally supports multi-bank enterprises in the management of enterprise treasury and e-invoices, in line with the regulatory framework outlined by  the Government in the Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business relationships;


  • Access Point Services  allow for the centralised access of the Central Public Administration to the financial sector;


  • CBILL Service  allows users to pay bills and pagoPA payment notices digitally;


  • CBI Big Data Service  is offered to banks to increase their capacity for predictive analysis, based on information flows and devices of the CBI Services, using analytical models built on “Big Data” paradigms.



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