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Digitization and innovation are essential drivers in financial services and market players need to respond to the needs of consumers and businesses with new tools designed specifically for the customer.    


The banking and financial market is in a phase of transformation characterized by a gradual digitalization of the internal processes of banks. Technology has contributed to this transformation through the evolved processes of Digital Onboarding and Customer Identity Verification (KYC).


In this regard, CBI has partnered with aCrm Net, an Italian company with over twenty years of experience in the IT field, which has taken up the challenge of mitigating online vulnerabilities by developing a solution capable of maintaining a high level of data and identity security, avoiding digital identity theft and therefore possible threats to business systems. The solution designed is My-ID you are the key.


My-ID is a trusted mobile and web centric technology platform designed to provide a range of security software based protection features. It allows you to encrypt credentials, communications, interactions, documents from multiple biometric factors of a person.


My-ID is simple and secure, it uses a multi-factor biometric authentication technology based on detection and recognition of face, voice and at the same time, and in a totally transparent way to the user, it performs vitality check without asking for special actions, thus preventing spoofing.



Management Console

Management Console
The authorised devices will be able to use biometric authentication

Mobile Client

Mobile Client
Multi-factor biometric authentication technology based on face and voice detection and recognition with vitality ascertainment

Multi Template

Multi Template

Creation of multiple Biometric Identities of the same person that can be used alternatively




Less than a second to recognize the face saved in the biometric template


User participation is not required


Can be used on the most modern smartphone devices



Uses NIST-certified algorithms



Biometric Enrollment

Biometric Enrollment: the digital identity (ID) creation process is performed once in only 45 seconds by taking a selfie repeating 3 sentences, thus combining the three biometric factors face, voice and vitality.


My-ID biometrically encrypts digital documents: allows the exchange of encrypted and signed information with biometric shards that prevent information leakage and allow tracking of who distributed the internal content.

Biometric Wallet

Biometric Wallet: the digital identity is stored on the person's smartphone. Everything is biometrically encrypted.


My-ID eliminates badges and it interfaces with totems: allows you to delete badges, badges or cards using the biometric QR reader.


My-ID tracks behaviors: intercepts potential malicious users who will be discouraged from attacking by being monitored by the control room.


My-ID is GDPR compliant: because the biometric wallet resides on the person's cell phone and no sensitive/biometric information resides on the server. So the DPO and the CEO of the company is protected.


Basic algorithms are ICAO compliant.


My-ID is PSD2 compliant: reinforces user protection.


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