Alternative Data

The exponential growth of the internet creates more and more digital traces (so-called digital footprints), which represent important analysis proxies to support decisions and that can be used and monitored by financial intermediaries for smart lending purposes.

The integration of data from digital footprint with those obtained from traditional credit scoring models represents a tool to support banks and companies to improve the accuracy of decisions and, at the same time, broaden the base of companies on which to perform analyzes, by facilitating access to credit and ultimately promoting financial inclusion.

In this regard, CBI has entered into a Partnership with Almawave, a company of the Almaviva Group that, through its subsidiary Data Appeal, offers an Alternative Data  solution for Smart Lending capable of analyzing the digital footprint of any company that has an online presence. Using alternative data, it is possible to measure the perception that emerges from the analysis of conversations, online content and digital channels, with the aim of helping Banks in the process of granting and monitoring loans for their Corporate clients and to overcome the limitations of current credit scoring models



Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Monitor, aggregate, and interpret digital data from millions of locations, brands, reviews, comments, and social media conversations

ML & AI models

ML & AI models

All data is processed through Machine Learning algorithms that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to obtain second-level information.

Value added output

Value added output

It provides a series of data that highlights, over time, the reputational trend of the observed companies monitored by the bank.



Monitoring of the digital image of a POI

Monitoring of the digital image of a POI (Point of Interest): It analyzes the digital image - digital footprint - of any business that has an online presence, measuring the perception that emerges from the analysis of conversations, online content and digital channels connected to it.

Sentiment score

Sentiment score: It indicates the level of perceived appeal on businesses and commercial activities.

Online Reputation Evaluation

Online Reputation Evaluation: Degree of positivity/negativity and level of influence that online content of a business may have on users.




Description of the elementary variable/any elaborations

Description of the elementary variable/any elaborations: Almawave, through proprietary algorithms, is able to reconstruct the digital identity of the counterparties identified/passed by the bank.

Personal Data analysis

Personal Data analysis: a specific algorithm performs the VAT matching to understand if the subject with VAT is engaged in activities on the national territory through a Sign and not with its own Company Name to which the VAT is related. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, it is possible to extract business insights from different data sources and third-party data.

Data lake

Data lake: Almawave every day retrieves and processes millions of data on Points of Interest (POI), reviews, social posts, prices, events, terrestrial and satellite weather information.


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