Area riservata


TPP's Area

Reserved Area for Payment Service Providers, in the role of AISP / PISP / PIISP, who want to take advantage of the "Open Banking" services made available by the CBI Globe ecosystem.


We inform you that, in order to ensure the adoption of the best security standards, the CBI Globe platform starting from June 2021 will migrate to the adoption of the TLS 1.2 protocols only, discontinuing the use of previous versions.


To perform onboarding, just follow the steps below:


Not yet in possession of the eIDAS Certificate? Click here to receive it


Click here  to enter the TPP area


Upload eIDAS certificate Production or Test and follow the registration instruction


Verify your email and write down your credentials to access the API Portal


Access the API Portal and use the API Management and API Development services


Browse the Interactive Wiki for a preview of the APIs you can develop on CBI Globe


Any doubts? Check the FAQ


For more information please contact cbiglobe@cbi-org.eu