Transactions Monitoring Dashboard

CBI makes available a transactions monitoring dashboard to Account Servicing Payment Service Providers that are members of CBI Globe. The dashboard allows an autonomous and real-time access to the information concerning transactions, thus enabling the ASPSPs to support their customers at any time.


Through the transactions monitoring dashboard, all CBI Globe ASPSP members can carry out various inquiries on payments. With the aim to support the user in the research of specific transactions and related information, the Dashboard foresees the implementation of dynamic and advanced research filters.


Such characteristics, therefore, allow Dashboard to be useful particurarly to treasury functions, such as monitoring and analysing operations related to process investigations, internal/external audit activities, operational workflow verification, recorded operation analysis, and more.


After having provided the data in the available domains, it is possible to accede to a series of functionalities, including:


  1. To retrieve the list of events: list of events related to the inserted research criteria
  2. To retrieve all API related to a specific transaction: each transaction is shown within an icon, which allows the user to see the list of APIs related to the selected transaction.
  3. To retrieve the functional details of a transaction: in the list of results, for each record related to a payment transaction, it is possible to accede to a screen that allows to retrieve the functional details of the transaction.
  4. To initialize a process of complaint against the TPP that is involved in a transaction, through the use of the “complaint” button
  5. To export the data from the dashboard in a csv format to allow user to manually process the data provided by the Dashboard
  6. To accede to business trend charts related to operations performed byTPPs


The dashboard enables ASPSPs to take advantage of various services, that would have otherwise been on each Intermediary. These are:


  • The combination of the use of various filters in the different scenarios foreseen by APIs
  • The integration of the authentication functionality within the Dashboard
  • The management of profiles associated to different Centres of Services, by linking ABI’s specific lists
  • Analysis of the data extraction modality from the API and data distribution within the Dashboard
  • Distinction in the Dashboard between calls and fields related to consensus vis-à-vis those concerning payments
  • Management of the download of the file containing the data available in the Dashboard
  • Need to integrate new APIs to expand the basic functionalities (new filters, complaints management)
  • Complexity in allowing the access to requested data for business reporting operations demanded by various sources


For further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out CBI offices at cbiglobe@cbi-org.eu