The CBI Open Banking Ecosystem allows for development of comprehensive offerings for both retail and corporate costumers, making full use of the potential of Open Banking, including new business openings. In addition, CBI offers innovative Open Banking solutions tailored to Corporates, Fintechs, Banks and payment services, all of which are easily integrated and compatible with clients own IT infrastructure.


CBI entered into a number of Partnerships in the field of Open Finance to support the financial ecosystem.


In an effort to simplify the range of activities required of operators in the sector, streamline costs associated with the creation of new services, and support the rapid development of Fintech in Italy and abroad, CBI has entered into partnerships with leading operators in key markets.


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Learn more about the partnership with aCrm Net

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Learn more about the partnership with Almawave



Learn more about the partnership with CRIF

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Learn more about the partnership with Infocert


If you are interested in working with CBI and would like more information about our services, please write to cbiglobe@cbi-org.eu.